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Japan 1991.

You think I’m not a goddess?

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River Phoenix and Martha Plimpton, Dolly Magazine

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River Phoenix in Running on Empty (1988)
(he learned to play the piano for the movie)

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The Crow (1994)

Eric Draven was one of the roles River was offered and he turned down, it seems part and project weren’t as clearly defined as they finally were. Role went to Brandon Lee, who played it amazingly and also left us too soon.

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River Phoenix in My own private Idaho (1991)

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Some people asked me in the past to post pics of mine. I used to share a lot of stuff long time ago, but then I became shy and after a friend advice also more careful about what I share on  net, but well, I just scanned this one for a person I love: it’s very old, innocent and kinda cute, not “recognizable” and SO 70s that… xD

S you’re so cute :’) (or was but I believe you still are, hence the present tense)

River and Corey in Stand by me (1986)

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